You spoke, we listened!

A few weeks back we asked our followers to let us know what project they wanted us to work on next. We had a fairly good response and the overwhelming majority voted for us to work on one of the few “classic” Napoleonic clashes that we’ve not yet tackled – the Battle of Borodino for “Blücher” by Sam Mustafa.

The Battle of Borodino took place on the 7th September, 1812 during Napoleons ill-fated invasion of Russia and is infamous as the deadliest day of the Napoleonic Wars and the bloodiest single day in the history of warfare until the First Battle of the Marne in 1914.

We’ve already started gathering the reference information together (normally starting with the maps and OoB’s) and will progress this over the coming weeks. It may take a little longer than usual to get finished as the club are focussing on putting the finishing touches to their D-Day game which is due to be played out on the weekend of the 4th – 6th June.

You can rest assured though, we’ll give it the same attention to detail as you’ve come to expect – hopefully it’ll be worth the wait!


6 thoughts on “You spoke, we listened!

  1. I have the Dday project and it was greatr. I appreciate your club work on hexes but would it be possible on newprojects to include gridded maps as well for those of us using those?

    1. Marcus,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Where possible / practical we can look at providing both.

      The maps for the D-Day game are based on boardgame hex maps so converting to the squares would take some time and effort to do this.

      It’s not just a case of transposing a square grid over the map. It would involve providing 2x sets of orders of battle due to the setup locations being different from hexes to squares and also providing 2x sets of scenario notes due to the various hex references made therein.

      It would also most likely mean the map would need additional graphics works as the square grid wouldn’t quite fit to the coastline etc.

      Always good to have feedback on the scenarios and as noted we can look at incorporating this suggestion for smaller scenarios in the future.

      Best regards,

      The OWG Team

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