Monthly Gaming Sunday – 1st June, 2014

Folks, We’ll be continuing with the Guadalcanal naval campaign again this month. The situation on Guadalcanal still hangs in the balance despite some heavy losses on both sides over the previous months. The month will see the commanders making their decisions for October 1942. Historically this was the month that the Japanese had their best, […]

Club Night – Tuesday 27th May, 2014

Folks, Plans for this week are much the same as last: Table 1: Mike T and John will be pitting their French and Italian 28mm WW2 forces against each other using Bolt Action skirmish rules by Warlord Games. Table 2: Mike R and Ross will be shivering some timbers as they continue their pirate escapades […]

Club Night – Tuesday 20th May, 2014

Folks,   Couple of games planned this week as follows:   Table 1: Mike T & John will be pitting their  early war French and Italians against each other in a WW2 skirmish using the “Bolt Action” set if rules.     Table 2: Mike R and Ross will be putting on a pirates scrap […]

Club Night – Tuesday 6th May, 2014

Folks, Tonight will be the final run-through of the Battle of Voltri ahead of “Carronade” (the Falkirk wargames show) this Saturday. As per the Monthly Sunday game, this evening will be held at Alistair’s house: Clova Cottage 15 Commercial Road Oldmeldrum AB51 0DT Plans will be to run-through the scenario one last time and then […]