Club Night – Tuesday 27th May, 2014


Plans for this week are much the same as last:

Table 1:
Mike T and John will be pitting their French and Italian 28mm WW2 forces against each other using Bolt Action skirmish rules by Warlord Games.

Table 2:
Mike R and Ross will be shivering some timbers as they continue their pirate escapades across the Spanish Main using Legends of the High Seas by Warhammer Historical.

This’ll still leave space for another game should anyone else fancy putting something on.

Also a reminder that this coming Sunday will be our regular Monthly Sunday gaming day – current plans are to continue with the Guadalcanal Naval campaign.

Hope to see you all there.


2 thoughts on “Club Night – Tuesday 27th May, 2014

  1. I will be able to come along tonight after all.

    I wouldn’t mind a peep at the LotHS game. 

    Stuart Insch


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