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Monthly Gaming Day – Sunday 2nd February, 2014


Plans for this month are as follows:

Game 1:
Ross will begin running the WW2 Solomon’s Naval Campaign this weekend. The campaign begins with the Battle of Savo Island which sees a Japanese Heavy Cruiser force attempting to break thru the Allied screening force protecting the landing sites.

The campaign will then run over the coming months with the Japanese and Allied forces battling over control of Guadalcanal.

Game 2:
Mike will run the Napoleonic Naval “what if….” scenario based around the French landings in Bantry Bay. The club has run this several times in the past and it always plays differently!

Hope to see you all there!


Club Night – Tuesday 28th January, 2014


Updated plans for this week.

Ross and Andy will be putting on a WW2 Pacific Theatre Naval scenario. They have chosen to refight the small engagement of Vella Lavella which took place during the evening of 6th October, 1943 as part of the US advance along the Solomon Islands chain.


Stuart, Mike and Alistair will put on a repeat of the Sokolnitz scenario from the Battle of Austerlitz using 28mm figures on a 6′ x 4′ table. They will be using Napoleonic rules by Neil Thomas which the club has used on a few previous occasions.


Hope to see you all there.

Best regards,


Club Night – Tuesday 21st January, 2014


This week will se us heading along to the Aberdeen Wargames Club after they accepted our challenge to a “Command and Colours – Napoleonics” game. This will be played using figures and Kallistra terrain and will see three players per side taking each other on. The Aberdeen club have chosen the scenario and will provide all the terrain and figures. They have also stated that the losing team will buy the drinks – good of them to offer to buy the refreshments too!


All members are encouraged to come along (for a prompt start at 7pm) and provide support to our team (to be chosen on the night). It is hoped that this will lead to a semi-regular game and possible closer ties with our nearest wargames club.

Aberdeen Wargames Club meets each Tuesday evening, from 7pm onwards, at the Grammar FP building on Queen’s Road. [Entrance on Queen’s Road, to the west of the Bayview Road junction – see map here]

Regular gaming in Oldmeldrum will commence again the following week.

Hope to see you all soon.