D-Day: 6th June, 1944 – Gold, Juno and Sword

Where can I get this scenario?

You can download this scenario (for a small fee) by heading to our shop page over at “buy me a coffee” – just click the button below!

Scenario Overview:

This scenario covers the British and Canadian air and seaborne landings, along the coast of Normandy, as part of Operation Overlord.

The scenario opens just after midnight on the 6th June, 1944 with the now legendary “Coup-de-Main” glider landings and assault on the Caen Canal (Pegasus) and Orne River (Horsa) bridges, between Benouville and Ranville, by Major John Howard and the men of “D” Company, 2nd Ox & Bucks Light Infantry (Operation Deadstick).

The action then continues on to cover the wider airborne drops by the British 6th Airborne Division (Operation Tonga) and their attempts to secure the high ground on the eastern flank of the Allied landing areas and their attack on the Merville Battery. It also incudes rules for one of the most important, and often overlooked, objectives of the Para’s – the blowing of the bridges over the River Dives.

After the turns covering the actions of the Para’s are complete the scenario moves onto the main beach assaults on Gold Beach, by the British 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division; Juno Beach, by the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division; and Sword Beach, by the British 3rd Infantry Division.

To add to the game, the club have included rules and scenario notes covering the beach assaults including: DD Tanks, landing craft drift, German “Strongpoints” (Stützpunk) and “Resistance Nest” (Widerstandsnest) beach defences & German Coastal Artillery.

After the beach assault phase is complete the game follows the “Rommel” turn structure for the remainder of the game, which runs until end of the 11th June.

Each day is split into several turns and the scenario pack includes turn trackers for each day so players can track the games progress and make sure they bring their reinforcements on at the right time!

Scenario Notes & Maps:

Included within the scenario pack are detailed scenario notes which, in addition to covering all of the above noted additions to the “Rommel” rules also include guidance on:

  • Objectives & Victory Points
  • Weather
  • Supply
  • OPS Points
  • Command And Control
  • Replacements, Reinforcements, Casualties & German Feldersatz Battalions
  • Allied Airpower

The scenario notes also include 4x hex maps covering the entire area between Bayeux in the west to Cabourg in east, and Arromanches-les-Bains in the north to Villers-Bocage in the south. Each hex is ~1km (as per standard ground scale in “Rommel”) – the club uses a 4″ hex for playing with our 6mm collection (see pics further down this post)

Corps Level OPS Files & Divisional Command Posts:

The scenario pack includes OPS files, Command Posts and Orders of Battle for the the three German and two British Corps Level Commands and all the Divisions under their command:

German Commands:

  • Panzergruppe West:
    • Panzer Lehr Division
    • 12th SS Panzer Division
  • LXXXIV Armeekorps:
    • 352nd Infantry Division
    • 716th Static Infantry Division
    • 21st Panzer Division
  • LXXXI Armeekorps:
    • 711th Infantry Division
    • 346th Infantry Division

British & Commonwealth Commands:

  • British I Corps:
    • 6th Airborne Division
    • 3rd (British) Infantry Division
    • 3rd (Canadian) Infantry Division
    • 51st (Highland) Infantry Division
  • British XXX Corps:
    • 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division
    • 7th (Desert Rats) Armoured Division
  • Independent Brigades:
    • 1st & 4th Special Service Brigades (Commandos)
    • 4th, 8th 27th (British) & 2nd (Canadian) Armoured Brigades

Unit Cards:

And finally the scenario pack contains all the individual unit cards for both sides (one card for each Company sized unit involved in the action). This adds up to 266 Allied and 187 German units!

These are sized at 60×30 and are designed to slip under a base of miniatures (as per the clubs photos below)

In Conclusion

For your £8 you get access to all of the above files in a single 108 page download. We don’t know of any other source where you can get this level of detail on the Normandy campaign to play on your (large!) tabletop.

Buyers have all the information they require to break down each area into smaller tabletop games and just play a section of the scenario or you can go all out and do the whole grand scale campaign!