Club Night – Tuesday 28th May, 2013

Folks, Plans for this week are as follows:   Table 1: Following on from last weeks game Mike & Roger are organising another “Field of Glory” Romans vs Britons game using 28mm figures from their collections.   Table 2:   Baron Stuart von Tarvis will be taking along his Wings of War collection and is looking […]

Tuesday 21st May, 2013 – After Action Report

On Tuesday some of the members staged a refight of the “Battle of the River Plate” . The scenario was run twice with the players swapping sides to see if they could alter history – the following is an account of the first engagement…… Historical Outcome: Have a look a the wikipedia page to read up […]

Club Night – Tuesday 14th May, 2013

Folks, As most of you know the club won “Best Demonstartion Game” at Carronade at the weekend – further details and pics will follow!   So as a little bit of light-hearted fun and following on from last week we’re planning to have another game of both Formula De and Diplomacy tonight.   Regular gaming […]

Carronade – Falkirk – 11th May, 2013

Folks,   Just a last minute reminder about the upcoming wargames show this weekend.   The Oldmeldrumw Wargames Group will be putting on a demonstration game “Bantry Bay – 1796”. This is a “what if……” naval scenario covering  L’Expédition d’Irlande – the planned invasion of Ireland by the French Republic in support of the Society […]

Monthly Sunday Game – Sunday 5th May, 2013

Folks, Just a quick note to say that we’re planning to run the “Bantry Bay – 1796” naval scenario again. This is in preparation of the club attending Carronade in Falkirk on the 10th May. We will also make arrangements regarding travel and transporting the ships & terrain for the display. It looks like we’re going to have […]