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Club Night – Tuesday 28th May, 2013


Plans for this week are as follows:


Table 1:


Following on from last weeks game Mike & Roger are organising another “Field of Glory” Romans vs Britons game using 28mm figures from their collections.


Table 2:



Baron Stuart von Tarvis will be taking along his Wings of War collection and is looking to have a dogfight or two. Will you master the skies with the flair and skill of Captain Flashheart or are you more of a Private Baldric?


Hope to see you all there.



Tuesday 21st May, 2013 – After Action Report

On Tuesday some of the members staged a refight of the “Battle of the River Plate” . The scenario was run twice with the players swapping sides to see if they could alter history – the following is an account of the first engagement……

Historical Outcome:

Have a look a the wikipedia page to read up on the events surrounding the Battle of the River Plate.


Refight Outcome No 1:

Start Time: 0620 just after Exeter had split from Achilles & Ajax


Turn 1: 6:20am

At a range of 13km Exeter manages to range in on Graf Spee but with little result – knocking out a torpedo tube and searchlights! Graf Spee misses with all batteries


Turn 2: 6:25am

Graf Spee continues on her course but with her slower top speed the British are gaining ground. The Graf Spee targets Achilles and knocks out both her front turrets and she is reduced to 1/2 speed. All British ships return fire but to no hits are scored.


Turn 3: 6:30am

Graf Spee continues to target the Achilles and this time destroys both Y & Z turrets. Having lost all her main armament Achilles is forced to retire; however not before her final salvo causes damage to the Graf Spee’s rudder!


Turn 4: 6:35am

Graf Spee’s rudder is jammed ahead and the damage caused by the Achilles is beyond repair at sea. Exeter again hits home and causes damage to the Graf Spee’s hull.


Turn 5: & 6: 6:40 – 6:45am

Graf Spee continues to steam away but her top speed is reduced to 20kts. With the Exeter and Ajax making 25 & 30kts the range is quickly reducing. The british begin to manoeuvre behind the Graf Spees to avoid her full broadside.


Turn 7: 6:50am

With the range reduced to 6km the Ajax and Exeter begin to hit their mark causing 3x hull hits and reducing the Graf Spee to little over 5kts. With only her rear battery able to fire the Graf Spee hits the Ajax slowing her a little and causing a fire which is soon put out by her damage control team.


Turn 8: 6:55am

The Graf Spee still has some bite left in her as the captain of the Ajax finds out after taking massive damage from the Graf Spee’s 11″ Guns. Ajax is seriously crippled and in danger of sinking after her aft magazine is hit. With some expert damage control she avoids an explosion ripping thru her. She turns to port and begins to retreat from the engagement. Exeter however remains undamaged and causes further damage to the Graf Spee – taking out hear rear turret and making her unable to defend herself from the rear.


Turn 9: 7:00am

At 7:00am with the Graf Spee dead in the water Hans Langsdorff  orders his crew to abandon ship. Shortly afterword the ship is scuttled.

7:15am - The Graf Spee is scuttled.....

7:15am – The Graf Spee is scuttled…..


Result: Royal Navy – Major Victory

Club Night – Tuesday 14th May, 2013


Unfortunately the computer system at OWG Communications HQ has been on the blink this week so aplogies for the short and very late notice?!



Table 1:


Mike is organising a “Field of Glory” Romans vs Britons game using 28mm figures from his collection.


Table 2:

River Plate Engagement Chart

Ross & Mike are planning on a refight of the Battle of the River Plate using General Quarters 3 rules with 1:6000 ships from their collections. A small scenario that should hopefully allow a couple of play throughs in the evening!


Hope to see you all there. Plenty of space for anyone else looking to field another game too!


Club Night – Tuesday 14th May, 2013


As most of you know the club won “Best Demonstartion Game” at Carronade at the weekend – further details and pics will follow!


So as a little bit of light-hearted fun and following on from last week we’re planning to have another game of both Formula De and Diplomacy tonight.


Regular gaming will start-up again next week so have your suggestions ready for what we can put on.


Let the “Whacky Races” begin! Hope to see you all there.


Carronade – Falkirk – 11th May, 2013



Just a last minute reminder about the upcoming wargames show this weekend.


The Oldmeldrumw Wargames Group will be putting on a demonstration game “Bantry Bay – 1796”. This is a “what if……” naval scenario covering  L’Expédition d’Irlande – the planned invasion of Ireland by the French Republic in support of the Society of United Irishmen.


The club presented this scenario at last years TARGE wargames show (Kirriekuir Wargames Club) where it won 3rd place in the “Demonstration Games” category. Following this sucsess the group decidedit would be an excellent scenarion to run in Falkirk. A little bit of fine tuning to the scenarion was completed over the last few weeks and should again hopefully please the crowds this weekend.

The guys at TARGE 2012

The guys at TARGE 2012

Carronade is an excellent show with great facilities, plenty of traders and over 30 games being run this year. It is expected that Oldmeldrum will be well represented with 7 members making their way down to the show. The show starts at 10am and runs until 4pm at the Graeme High School, Falkirk, FK1 1SY


Hope to see you all there!


Best Regards,


Club Night – Tuesday 7th May, 2013


A little change from our usual war gaming this week.

Some members will be showing us how to play “Formula De”. This is a face paced racing game that will see members racing around the world famous F1 circuits!

Will you be the next Senna, Schumacher, Hamilton? (or for our older members Stirling Moss or Jackie Stewart)

A little bit of fun ahead of the show on Saturday……..

Hope to see you all there.


Monthly Sunday Game – Sunday 5th May, 2013


Just a quick note to say that we’re planning to run the “Bantry Bay – 1796” naval scenario again. This is in preparation of the club attending Carronade in Falkirk on the 10th May.

We will also make arrangements regarding travel and transporting the ships & terrain for the display. It looks like we’re going to have a record turnout this year with 7 members confirmed and 2 possibles.

We’d really like to get a good turnout on Sunday to make sure that everyone is familiar with the rules and scenario and get volunteers for driving, transporting and tidying up any loose ends. To this ends can everyone reply either way and let us know if you can make it along on Sunday.


Hope to see you all there.