After Action Report – 25/04/23

Hi folks, It’s been a few months since we last posted what we’ve been up to the site; however we’re going to try and do this more often as we go forward. This week Stuart, Dave & Ross played out a “pick-up-and-play” game of “The Men Who would be Kings” (TMWWBK) by Osprey. Scenario: Set […]

Wargames Night – 24/08/21

The Oldmeldrum Wargames club have been meeting regularly again since the start of June. We’ve had a few different game since the table including: Blücher, Chain of Command, Rommel, Ruthless and, most recently, Wise Guys (our home brew Gangster spin-off off Ruthless / The Chicago Way). The club pulled together 5x different gangs to be […]

American Civil War scenarios for “Blücher”

Folks, Its been a busy few months since you last heard from us but we just wanted to let you all know that the clubs ACW scenarios for Gettysburg & Antietam are now available over at our “buy us a coffee” page for purchase and download. The clubs “Chamberlain” rules modification for using “Blücher” to […]

Printed Maps for Blücher!

Folks, Just a quick update to say that we now have our scenario maps up for sale; however initially just here in the UK (until we see how this goes) – we’re hoping to have them available for sale elsewhere in Europe and the Rest of World in the near future. You can find details […]

You spoke, we listened!

A few weeks back we asked our followers to let us know what project they wanted us to work on next. We had a fairly good response and the overwhelming majority voted for us to work on one of the few “classic” Napoleonic clashes that we’ve not yet tackled – the Battle of Borodino for […]

Buy us a coffee?

Folks, We’ve finished transferring all the current club scenarios across to our “buy us a coffee” site where they are ready for download. We’d like to thank those of you who have supported us so far – this will already allow us to get some terrain pieces for the clubs upcoming 6mm D-Day Rommel game […]