Wargames Night – 24/08/21

The Oldmeldrum Wargames club have been meeting regularly again since the start of June. We’ve had a few different game since the table including: Blücher, Chain of Command, Rommel, Ruthless and, most recently, Wise Guys (our home brew Gangster spin-off off Ruthless / The Chicago Way).

The club pulled together 5x different gangs to be used for our turf-war, using the Campaign module for The Chicago Way as the basis.

We just wanted to put up some pics of the 4x way face off we played last night (not a campaign game just a fun free-for-all) to familiarise the guys with the rules and how the Campaign plays out.

Figures are by 28mm from the ranges by Dixon and Coppleston. Cars are diecast cars from the Lledo “Days Gone” range which fit quite nicely (although some of the signage on the vans tends to be a bit more UK orientated – unless any of our followers know of any famous fish and chip shops in the backwaters of Illinois?)

Hopefully we’ll remember to take photos and we’ll give updates on how the games go over the coming months!

In other news:

We’re still making progress (albeit it painfully slowly at the moment) with the Blücher “Battle of Borodino” scenario (other projects have been taking up our time – like buying and painting up our mobsters!). We will get back into this shortly.

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