Monthly Gaming Day – Sunday 4th May

Folks, Plans for the regular monthly Sunday below invite from Alistair: OWG, This is just a reminder that there will be a run-through of the battle on Sunday, 4th May from 1000 to 1600 at my house: Clova Cottage, 15 Commercial Road, Oldmeldrum (Tel:01651 873056). I will provide a light lunch. This is not just […]

Club Night – Tuesday 15th April, 2014

Folks,   Following on from last week the club will run the Battle of Voltri scenario as suggested by Alistair for the clubs demonstration game at the Falkirk wargames show – Carronade – on Saturday 10th May.   Alistair is also looking for volunteers to help with the logistics of boxing up and moving the troops […]

Club night sday 8th April, 2014

Folks, Ahead of the Falkirk Wargames show (Carronade) on the 10th May Alistair & Stuart will run one of the clubs proposed scenarios – the Battle of Hegelberg. Figures and will be from Stuarts collection. It would be good to get as many folks involved in the game as possible so that we’re all familiar […]

Monthly Gaming Day – Sunday 6th May, 2014

Folks,   Time for our regular monthly gaming day. This month will see a return to the Gaudalcanal naval campaign. This month will be the 1st player chosen sorties after the opening Battle of Savo Island.   Can the Imperial Japanese Navy support their forces on Guadalcanal in their attempt to retake Henderson Field? Can […]

Club Night – Tuesday 1st April, 2014

Folks,   Just a quick post today as wordpress kicked my full post out without it saving when I tried to preview it and I only have 5mins of my lunchtime left!!!!   Table 1: John & Stuart are running a 28mm American Civil War game using Mr Lincoln’s War.   Table 2: Andy, Mike, […]