Club Night – Tuesday 29th April, 2014


This week Alistair will run the “Battle of Voltri” game again, ahead of the Falkirk Wargames show on the 10th May.

The plan is to run the game again on Sunday too (the regular monthly Sunday game).

Hope to see you all there.


One thought on “Club Night – Tuesday 29th April, 2014

  1. OWG, Please note that the Sunday game on the 4th May will be held at my house, not at the club. It is set up ready in my wargames room. Packing up, transporting it to the club and then unpacking, setting up, then repacking again and re-transporting and then removing everything back again would be wasteful of our time. If we play through the scenario on Sunday at my house we will get the maximum playing time. I will provide a light lunch. Tonight we will be playing through Voltri at the Legion with the same simple terrain that we used a fortnight ago. Alistair

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