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Monthly Sunday Gaming – Sunday 3rd March, 2013 – CANCELLED


Again due to most of the members having other commitments we’ve called off the usual Sunday monthly meeting.


We may arrange for the following Sunday (10th March) if we get the numbers – confirmation & details will follow.


Normal wargaming service shall resume shortly.........

Normal wargaming service shall resume shortly………


Best Regards,



Club Night – Tuesday 26th February, 2013 – CANCELLED


Unfortunately due to almost everyone having other commitments this week it has been decided to cancel this weeks club night on Tuesday.


We will be back again next week – details to follow later.


Hope to see you all back at the club soon.


Best Regards,


Club Night – Tuesday 26th February, 2013


or at least your local wargames group does........

or at least your local wargames group does……..


Unfortunately due to other commitments neither Alastair nor Ross will be able to put on their planned games (Pike & Shotte and 28mmPirates).


As such both tables are free for others to put on games. If you want to arrange a game them please drop us a line and let the rest of the members know as soon as possible.


Can you also let us know if you’ll make it along tomorrow night so that we can gauge numbers – last weeks Command and Colours: Anciants epic battle was a little short on numbers.


Best Regards,


Tuesday 19th February, 2013


Plans for this week as as follows:

Table 1:

This week Mike will be arranging an Epic Commands & Colours: Ancients game (produced by GMT Games). Mike now has the base game plus all the expansions so no shortage on battles to be refought! Building on last weeks great turnout it’s hoped that we’ll be able to have at least 3x players on each side. The scenario and sides will be chosen on Tuesday night.

If anybody want to use the free table then just drop us a line.

See you all soon.


Tuesday 12th February, 2013 – Debrief


A busy night last night with 7 members coming along. 2 tables were set-up with 3 games being played out in all.

Table 1:
Table 1 saw another run-through of the Pike & Shotte rules by Warlord Games. This week witnessed the introduction of artillery to the mix along with the usual infantry and light cavalry. The engagements so far have been on a fairly small scale in order to let everyone get used to the mechanics. Alastair hopes to include some skirmishers into the the next game which should just about cover the full range of units involved. Alistair has also written a short review of the rules which should be up on the web page soon. The next game is scheduled for the 26th February.

Table 2:
Table 2 saw the kick-off of the Legends of the High Seas pirate campaign with Ross starting out by trying to capture the local Governors daughter (played by Roger)! However his first foray into the pirate life was cut rather short after some unbelievable dice throws from “Dead-Eye” who cut down half of the pirate band in the space of a few turns. Undeterred Captain Blackjack bravely retired to his sloop to consider his options!

In the post-action “what happened to my crew / casualty” throws it turned out that the pirate 1st mate had been captured and sentenced to hang! Cue game 2 with the pirates trying to rescue their comrade.

This second game initially fared a little better for the pirates but ended with Blackjack being pushed to his death from the roof of the mansion by the captain of the guard! After seeing their leader defeated the rest of the crew scarpered.

The next round of the campaign (26th February) will see “Jolly” Roger and his crew head out on the high seas in search of fame and fortune!

Hope to see you all soon.


Club Night – Tuesday 12th February, 2012


Plans for this week are as follows:


Table 1: 28mm Pike & Shotte

Forces: TBC

Scenario: TBC

Rule Set: Pike & Shotte by Warlord Games


Table 2: 28mm Pirates

Forces: TBC

Scenario: X Marks the spot!

Rule Set: Legends of the High Seas by Games Workshop


Drop us a line and let us know if you’ll be along!


Tuesday 5th February, 2013 – CANCELLED


Unfortunately the British Legion require to use the meeting area for their AGM. As such there will be no wargames this Tuesday.

Next meeting will be Tuesday 12th February, 2013.

Details will follow later this week.

Best Regards,


Monthly Sunday Gaming – Sunday 3rd February, 2013


Time again for our Sunday gaming day.

This month we will have 1/72 scale World War 1 air combat using “Wings of War” and 28mm pirates using Games Workshops “Legends of the High Seas”. These scenarios will be run as part of the 2013 club campaigns.


If anybody fancies putting something on then just let us know.

Usual time at the Oldmeldrum British Legion, 10am to 4pm (or thereabouts).

Hope to see you all there.