Tuesday 19th February, 2013


Plans for this week as as follows:

Table 1:

This week Mike will be arranging an Epic Commands & Colours: Ancients game (produced by GMT Games). Mike now has the base game plus all the expansions so no shortage on battles to be refought! Building on last weeks great turnout it’s hoped that we’ll be able to have at least 3x players on each side. The scenario and sides will be chosen on Tuesday night.

If anybody want to use the free table then just drop us a line.

See you all soon.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday 19th February, 2013

  1. Folks,

    I won’t make it along this week as I’ve been called to France for work. Stating just outside Dunkirk so hope to make it along to some of the memorials in the area for both the 1st and 2nd World Wars. If time allows I may sneak in a trip to Waterloo too!

    See you all next week.


  2. Sorry guys, won’t be able to make it tonight, got someone coming to look at the house. See you next week Rgds Roger

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