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Sunday 3rd November, 2013 – Monthly Wargames Day



It’s time for our monthly game day again. This month will see the club running the Bruneval Raid scenario ahead of Targe next weekend (Saturday 9th) in Kirriemuir.





We will be there from 10am until around 4pm and will run the game a few times to get folks used to the scenario and rules. We may also put on a board game or two to fill some of the time. The terrain will then be left set-up for running a final check on Tuesday. The more folks we can get a long the better. Hope to see you all there.


Best regards,


Club Night – Tuesday 2nd April, 2013


Plans for this week are as follows:


Table 1: 10mm Wars of the Roses

Forces: Lancaster v York

Scenario: To Be decided on the night

Rule Set: Hordes & Heroes by Kallistra

Ross, Alistair & Mike will be running a decent sized game based on forces as determined by playing a few rounds of “Kingmaker”. The hope is to use Kingmaker to run a full scale campaign with the battles being fought on the tabletop on club nights. They are hoping to recruit members to take part in the campaign – Do you wear the Red Rose of Lancaster or the White Rose of York?


Table 2: ?

Forces: ?

Scenario: ?

Rule Set: ?

Table 2 is free for anyone else to run a game if they wish.


Can you let us know if you’ll be along so we can gauge numbers.

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Club Night – Tuesday 12th March, 2013


Plans for this week are as follows:

Table 1: 28mm World War 2

Forces: British Para’s vs German Wermacht

Scenario: Normandy, June 1944

Rule Set: Bolt Action by Warlord Games

Ross & Roger will be running a small scale skirmish with space for extra players.


Table 2: Napoleon – Board Game

Forces: French vs British, Prussians and Allies

Scenario: Waterloo Campaign – 1815

Rule Set: Game published by Columbia Games

Alistair will be running a board game depicting Napoleons ill fated 1815 Campaign. Places for 2 further players available.

Tuesday 19th February, 2013


Plans for this week as as follows:

Table 1:

This week Mike will be arranging an Epic Commands & Colours: Ancients game (produced by GMT Games). Mike now has the base game plus all the expansions so no shortage on battles to be refought! Building on last weeks great turnout it’s hoped that we’ll be able to have at least 3x players on each side. The scenario and sides will be chosen on Tuesday night.

If anybody want to use the free table then just drop us a line.

See you all soon.