Club Constitution

As agreed at club A.G.M on 2nd December, 2014.

1. ​The name of the group is the Oldmeldrum Wargemes Group, hereafter referred to as ‘the club’.

2.​ The aims of the club are to promote an interest in tabletop wargaming & board wargaming games through provision of a meeting place and forum in which those with an interest can discuss and partake in these hobbies. The club also wishes to encourage and develop an interest in military history and gaming and make available its knowledge and resources to the community.

3.​ Membership is open to anyone over the age of 16, providing that this complies with the Disclosure Act (Scotland) and the club’s child protection policy, without prejudice to gender, race, creed or physical ability.

4.​ Membership shall be conferred upon payment of the annual subscription and acceptance of the rules of the club.

5. ​An annual subscription rate and nightly entrance fee will be set at the A.G.M. under the guidance of the Treasurer and its acceptance by a majority of the members present.

6.​ All current members shall be entitled to an equal vote at the AGM.

7. ​The general running of the club will be conducted by a committee which shall consist of the following office bearers:

8. Election of committee members:
​(i) Members shall be elected to the posts on the committee and shall serve for a period of one year, until election of a new committee at the next A.G.M.​

​(ii) Members of the committee shall be elected from willing candidates by a show of hands by the other club members.

​(iii) Should no new candidates be forthcoming then the retiring members shall continue to serve for a further term upon their agreement.

9.​ Club Annual General Meeting:
(i) An A.G.M. shall be held on the last club night in November or on the soonest possible club night thereafter.

​(ii) Prior notice of an impending A.G.M. must be given by the Secretary to all current members at least two weeks before the A.G.M.

​(iii) A member unable to attend the AGM may express his views in writing to the chairman. This may include an instruction to vote on an item by proxy.

10. ​The committee shall have the right to call further General Meetings of the club if important business requires discussion and decision.

11. ​The powers of the committee shall be to carry out the general running the club including: the allocation and spending of any surplus funds to acquire such equipment and materials as will benefit the majority of club users or has been voted for and carried by a majority of club members at a GM.

12. ​The duties of the Chairman are:
​(i) To consult the members and draw up agendas for GMs and AGMs.
​(ii) To chair General Meetings.
​(iii) To exercise the right occasionally to make a decision on behalf of the club in the interests of expediency when it is not possible to hold a meeting.

13. ​The duties of the Treasurer are:
​(i) To collect and bank the annual and session fees and to attend to the payment of the club’s regular outgoings.
​(ii) To advise the committee of the club’s finances at monthly intervals when required and produce a statement of the club’s accounts for the year.
​(iii) To notify the committee if a deficit in the club’s funds is likely in the foreseeable future.
​(iv) To keep an inventory of the club’s resources and manage their storage.

14.​ The duties of the Secretary are:
​(i) To deal with administrative matters arising from meetings including the writing and distribution to all members of minutes of AGMs and GMs.
​(ii) To issue membership to members on joining.
​(iii) To keep a register of members and their contact details.
​(iv) To be the contact person and liaise with other clubs and organisations.
​(v) To liase with the webmaster of the club’s website.

15.​ The constitution of the club may be altered only by motion, debate and majority vote at an AGM.

16.​ Should the committee foresee the dissolution of the club, it shall call a special meeting of all members to agree upon a plan to deal with this and the disposal of the club’s equipment, materials and funds.

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