Printed Maps for Blücher

The club are now offering high quality printed maps to go with their wargaming scenarios.

All maps are designed primarily for use with the fantastic ruleset “Blücher” by Sam Mustafa and are available for the below listed scenarios..

The maps use the standard 3” (75mm) “Base Width” scale which fits in with the official card sets (in addition to those that go with our scenarios).

Note: The below prices do not include shipping or taxes.

10ft x 8ft Maps:

Price £165

10ft x 6ft Maps:

Price £135

8ft x 5ft Maps:

Price £95

6ft x 4ft Maps:

Price £65

5.5ft x 4ft Maps:

Price £55

4ft x 4ft Maps:

Price £45

4ft x 3ft Maps:

Price £35

Other Maps:

Price £165

Technical Specs:

  • 440GSM polyester reinforced PVC
  • High-resolution sharp 1440dpi print
  • Great vibrant colour
  • Waterproof eco solvent ink