Battle of Borodino – “Blücher” Scenario Released


It’s been a few months since our last update on the progress with the clubs Battle of Borodino scenario; however we can now announce that it has gone live for folks to buy over on our “Buy Me a Coffee” site.

The scenario has been written sepfically with the “Blücher” ruleset by Sam Mustafa in mind; however it can easily be used for any other ruleset with the relevant amendments.

As with all of our scenarios, we’re offering a printed map (measuring 8ft x 5ft) – price is for UK customers. US and Rest of World can request a price via email for printing. For more details see our “printed maps” page here.

Thanks goes to Graham Douglas for his support in getting this over the line. Graham is planning on running the Battle of Borodino scenario using the printed map at the “Attack” wargames show at Devizes in the UK later this year (currently showing as 16th & 17th July) – be sure to say “hi” to Graham if you’re at the show!

2 thoughts on “Battle of Borodino – “Blücher” Scenario Released

  1. Hi there, i am new to this game, and this site. Can you tell me the format of the scenarios on sale here. Are they pdf downloads, and are the unit cards included also pdfs to be printed at home.

    1. Hi Chris – thanks for getting in touch.

      The scenario packs come as a downloadable .pdf for printing at home (or by a reprographics company) and include the scenario notes, Blücher Rosters, Blücher Unit Cards and turn trackers for both sides.

      All cards are scaled at 3”/75mm BW but to print at smaller sizes you’d just need to scale you print size to accommodate whatever BW size you use.

      Basically each scenario pack has everything you need to play a scenario.

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