Club Night – Tuesday 27th March

Folks,   A bit short notice but tonight will see the return of “AK-47” – Modern African Wars. These rules re-create the typical tribal / regional wars seen in Africa over the last 50 years. No specific scenario chosen as yet but the rules allow each side to create their own “unique” fighting force whether […]

Club Night – Tuesday 13th

Folks, At the moment we will be running the early WW2 naval “Battle of the River Plate” – using 1:6000 ships and General Quarters Rules – and have two spaces left for anyone wishing to participate. This leaves 2x tables free for any other games. Suggestions welcome…….. Let us know if you can make it along! […]

Open Day Success!!

Folks,   We would just like to thank everyone that came along and supported our open day yesterday and helped make it a success. It was far busier than expected and we received a great deal of positive comments about the displays. We hope to see some of those who came along yesterday at our regular […]

February 28th & March 6th – Debrief

The last couple of weeks saw us put on 2x Commands & Colours: Ancients scenarios using the “Epic” Expansion Pack details below……. Bagradas Plain 253 BC (Tunisia) – Carthage vs Roman Republic – 1st Punic War Romans: 15,000 infantry & 500 cavalry under Marcus Atilius Regulus Carthaginians: 12,000 infantry, 4,000 cavalry & 100 elephants under […]