words & pictures by Stuart Insch.




I had a look on the excellent Honours of War Forum and came across the Pfaffenhofen scenario. This battle involved the Austrians trying to either capture or drive the Franco-allied army from the field. Not so much a fire fight as a chase!

Being somewhat short of players, unusual for us nowadays, we had a three player game with Club member (and resident Prussian) John taking on the allies (using his Prussians) whilst I controlled the Austrians (with some Russian stand ins) with another club member Robert, (because I have light infantry, much to John’s chagrin!).

An interesting fight, with plenty of melee and some good and bad dice throwing on both sides. The Austrians failed to get their Grenadiers to do anything constructive, but the cavalry charges looked great. In the end the French and their friends did manage to get away just, but were badly mauled.

The rolling terrain and lines of figures made for some nice pix.