Club Night – Tuesday 19th March, 2013

Folks,   Just a quick note to say that we’re planning to continue the “Battle of Berezina” Rearguard action that the club set-up and played on Sunday – thanks to Mike & Alistair for going around on Saturday to get things ready for Sunday. The Legion have kindly allowed us to leave everything set-up so that we […]

Tuesday 12th March, 2013 – Debrief

Folks, Another enjoyable night at the club……… THE EMPEROR RETURNS IN A BLOCK ‘Napoléon’ is a classic boardgame of the Hundred Days Campaign. It was first published by Gamma 2 Games in 1974 and the second edition was published by Avalon Hill under license in 1977. The version that we played on Tuesday was a […]

Monthly Sunday Gaming – Sunday 17th March, 2013

Folks, We’ll be holding our monthly Sunday game tomorrow (17th). This month we will have 28mm scale Napoleonic Scenario using General de Brigade (Published by Partizan Press and available thru Caliver Books). Alistair & Mike are arranging the figures & Orders of Battle to re-fight part of Marshal Victors rear-guard action at the Battle of […]

Tuesday 5th March, 2013 – Debrief

Folks, Another enjoyable night at the club……… Table 1: After Action Report by Alistair This week the Pike and Shotte table dabbled with the early Renaissance period in a very loose recreation of the early fighting on the Flodden battlefield of 1513. In reality the play was another rules run through, introducing LARGE UNITS. MEDIUM […]