Club Night – Tuesday 26th February, 2013


or at least your local wargames group does........
or at least your local wargames group does……..


Unfortunately due to other commitments neither Alastair nor Ross will be able to put on their planned games (Pike & Shotte and 28mmPirates).


As such both tables are free for others to put on games. If you want to arrange a game them please drop us a line and let the rest of the members know as soon as possible.


Can you also let us know if you’ll make it along tomorrow night so that we can gauge numbers – last weeks Command and Colours: Anciants epic battle was a little short on numbers.


Best Regards,


2 thoughts on “Club Night – Tuesday 26th February, 2013

  1. I’ll be along tomorrow night – I’ll bring the Bolt Action rules in case anyone wantsd a WW2 skirmish. Rgds Roger

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