Club Night – Tuesday 20th February, 2018

Table 1: Organiser: Stuart & Andy   Game / Table Size / Ruleset: World War II – Northwest Europe (28mm Germans vs Americans) Table Size: 6ft x 4ft Ruleset: “Beneath the Lily Banners” by The League of Augsburg   Overview: Stuart and Andy will continue their “rules run-through” with their mini-campaign covering small scale actions […]

Battle of Marengo – 14th June, 1800

Later this week the club will be refighting the Battle of Marengo using the excellent Napoleonic ruleset “Blucher” by Sam Mustafa. These have been a club favourite since their release with the members putting on a well recieved “Quatre Bras”  scenario at both Kirrimuir in November 2015 & Falkirk in May 2016. Most of the club […]