Club Night – Tuesday 1st October, 2013


Only 2 members last week so the club made a slightly bigger loss of £11.  As we took the decision to ask the Legion to stay open later for us we will now be charged £19 per week regardless of whether we turn up or not, so to avoid the club losing money we really need to get our numbers back up!


At the moment nothing else is firmly in place; however Alistair mentioned that he may put on an American Civil War scenario using the “Mr Lincoln’s War” ruleset. Alistair will also take along “Hammer of the Scots” as an alternative. As always you can take along your own figures and have a game!


This weekend will be our regular “Monthly Sunday” and it is hoped that we will get the Bruneval Raid PPG  played thru on our hand-built terrain. This will allow members to get used to the scenario and rules so that we can all help to make the game a success at Targe – Kirriemuir, Saturday 9th November.


In order to gauge numbers can you please respond and let us know if you’ll make it along.



Hope to see you all tonight.

Best regards,


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