Club Night – Tuesday 1st April, 2014



Just a quick post today as wordpress kicked my full post out without it saving when I tried to preview it and I only have 5mins of my lunchtime left!!!!


Table 1:

John & Stuart are running a 28mm American Civil War game using Mr Lincoln’s War.


Table 2:

Andy, Mike, Mike & Ross are running a game using Polemos Napoleonics using 6mm figures.


Both of these games a ruleset run-throughs to get players used to the rules before setting up bigger games. Plenty of space for others to join in or put on a game of their own.


Hope to see you all there,


2 thoughts on “Club Night – Tuesday 1st April, 2014

  1. Sorry, I cannot manage tonight but I will drop off the bank statements for Ross before I head off to my meeting. Alistair

  2. Hi, Sorry but I wont be down tonight – I let John know last night.  MLW next week instead I thinks. Stuart Insch


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