Wargames Night – 24/08/21

The Oldmeldrum Wargames club have been meeting regularly again since the start of June. We’ve had a few different game since the table including: Blücher, Chain of Command, Rommel, Ruthless and, most recently, Wise Guys (our home brew Gangster spin-off off Ruthless / The Chicago Way). The club pulled together 5x different gangs to be […]

Club Night – Tuesday 2nd April, 2013

Folks, Plans for this week are as follows: Table 1: 10mm Wars of the Roses Forces: Lancaster v York Scenario: To Be decided on the night Rule Set: Hordes & Heroes by Kallistra Ross, Alistair & Mike will be running a decent sized game based on forces as determined by playing a few rounds of “Kingmaker”. […]

Tuesday 12th March, 2013 – Debrief

Folks, Another enjoyable night at the club……… THE EMPEROR RETURNS IN A BLOCK ‘Napoléon’ is a classic boardgame of the Hundred Days Campaign. It was first published by Gamma 2 Games in 1974 and the second edition was published by Avalon Hill under license in 1977. The version that we played on Tuesday was a […]

Tuesday 5th March, 2013 – Debrief

Folks, Another enjoyable night at the club……… Table 1: After Action Report by Alistair This week the Pike and Shotte table dabbled with the early Renaissance period in a very loose recreation of the early fighting on the Flodden battlefield of 1513. In reality the play was another rules run through, introducing LARGE UNITS. MEDIUM […]