Printed Maps for Blücher!


Just a quick update to say that we now have our scenario maps up for sale; however initially just here in the UK (until we see how this goes) – we’re hoping to have them available for sale elsewhere in Europe and the Rest of World in the near future.

You can find details about them on our website here

These are available via our “Buy me a coffee” website here:

Please take a look at the uploads and spread the word!



5 thoughts on “Printed Maps for Blücher!

    1. Daniel,

      It currently depends on where you’re located. We identified printers in USA and Australia that can offer printing for similar prices. If you drop us an email with what you’re after we can hopefully help you!

  1. Hi,
    Can the maps be printed in alternate dementions? I would be interested in maps 20% smaller than what your scenarios call for, as my Blucher bases are 20% smaller (60mm). I am in the USA.


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