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Battle of Marengo – 14th June, 1800

Later this week the club will be refighting the Battle of Marengo using the excellent Napoleonic ruleset “Blucher” by Sam Mustafa.

These have been a club favourite since their release with the members putting on a well recieved “Quatre Bras”  scenario at both Kirrimuir in November 2015 & Falkirk in May 2016. Most of the club also played the Battle of Austerlitz scenario using Alister’s excellent custom built terrain boards over the Xmas period.

During his current exile in Paris, Ross has been busy producing the cards and scenario notes for a number of battles for the club to play. These include Austerlitz, Marengo, Lützen, Groß Beeren and Friedland. He is also in the process of creating the scenarion notes and cards for Boridino, Jena, Dennewitz, Bautzen and also for the Battles of Antietam and Gettysburg for the ACW as an experiment.


The files for the Battle of Marengo game can be found below:


Those attending the game on Thursday will take notes and some pictures of the game to post an After Action Report on the club website and onto the Blücher forum too.


We hope to see you all there.



2nd Monthly Sunday Game – 14th April, 2013


Mike, Mike and Alistair will be meeting up again this Sunday to run the clubs Bantry Bay scenario. This is a Napoleonic Naval “what if?…….” demonstration game that the club ran last year at SKELP and will be running again this May at Carronade in Falkirk.

They guys are looking for a few more participants so they can run thru the rules etc. in preparation for the coming show.

If you can make it along can you please let us know as we need a minimum of 4 players to run the game.

Hope to see you all there.


Tuesday 29th After Action Report – Quatre Bras


Due to unforseen cicumstances only the Quatre Bras Scenario ran. Here’s the AAR by Alistair.


Qautre Bras set-up from the east....

Qautre Bras set-up from the east….

After a furious but brief bombardment, Marshal Ney launched an attack that threatened the flanks of the position of Quatre Bras. The French showed their metal with a well prepared attack led by Bachelu which captured the farm of Gemioncourt outright. They also carried out a flank march  on the right over the River Thyle, threatening the communications with Blucher’s army. However, a counterattack by the Dutch-Belgians was being prepared when the game had to be adjourned.

Gemioncourt Farm from the French position in  the south.

Gemioncourt Farm from the French position in the south.

A fierce contest ensues in the woodland in the west . The French make good progress.

A fierce contest ensues in the woodland in the west. The French make good progress.

Alistair, after thirty-odd years of outright failure, has finally mastered the art of getting the face of the dice with the least density to be uppermost by expelling CO2 from “fat Coke” at the crucial moment. Hence the relentless series of double sixes!!

[Note: We apologise to those effected by Alistairs dice throwing and would like to assure you we expect normal service to resume next week]

A good playthrough with simple but exciting rules. Fat Coke 2, Diet Coke 0. 
The verdict: Definitely worth another go!