After Action Report – 8th March, 2016

Zombiecide – Prison Escape!

words and pics by Mike.


Beginning of the Game



A simple task you may think. But those of you who have played the game know that the zombies spawn quickly and get more and more as you go on killing them!!

The game is team based. So as a team we cleared one section of the prison area, managing to keep the really nasty Abomination zombies, on the right side of the metal doors. Once we had searched the prison, tooled up with various weaponry, and most importantly gained the Molotov cocktail, one of the few things that can kill an abomination zombie, we opened the doors. A mass of zombies came down the passage ways and we were confident the Molotov cocktail, which eliminates all in a zone, once thrown, would do the job. However we forgot about the two action rules for one of the abomination zombies, which meant that one of the characters was overrun. Taking one for the team the Molotov was thrown and all zombies in the zone, and the character, went to meet their maker.


Come and get it!!!!


Not to worry though as, this being a more advanced game, the character became a friendly zombie with more “lives”. The game continued but had to be stopped due to time constraints.

Whilst we didn’t get to a conclusion it was a most enjoyable game and best played with a sense of humour.

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