Monthly Game – Sunday 7th December, 2014


We’re planning to meet tomorrow for our regular monthly Sunday game day from 9am to 6pm.

After the AGM last Tuesday it was decided to use the Oldmeldrum Town Hall for this coming Sunday (with a possible permanent move there in April – still TBC). At the moment we’ve not been able to confirm if we can get access to the hall tomorrow (due to the person responsible for the hall hire changing recently).

If we are unable to hire the Town Hall tomorrow we will revert back to the Oldmeldrum Legion. Basically if we’re not at one, we’ll be at the other! Should anyone struggle to get in please call Ross on 07411178288.

We are going to carry on with the Guadalcanal Naval campaign with a view to finishing the last couple of monthly turns and bringing the game to a conclusion. We also aim to have a short game of WW1 – Wings of War to familiarise club members of the game ahead deciding on the exact scenario for Carronade in Falkirk later this year.

Apologies for the short notice and any confusion / inconvenience – hope to see you all there tomorrow!

Best regards,


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