Club Night – Tuesday 25th June, 2013


Plans for this week are as follows:

Table 1:
Following on from their games last week Alistair and John will be re-running The Battle of Balls Bluff  American Civil War scenario using 15mm figures with  “Regimental Fire and Fury” ruleset on a 4×4 table. The game was set-up and played to a conclusion last week and the guys hope that they’ll do same again this week.


Table 2:
Mike T, Mike R, Roger and Ross will again set up a small WW2 skirmish game in order to get folks used to the Bolt Action rules well ahead of TARGE in November. A 1944 NW European game – most likely British Airborne vs German Wermacht or perhaps SS. We’ll decide on the night…….

Hope to see you all there.


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