Club Night – Tuesday 11th June, 2013



Last week Alastair, Mike R & Ross enjoyed an informative presentation by the Army Engagement Team @ the Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen. The presentation outlined the current state of the Army in Scotland and the plans for the future. The Q & A session following the presentation was interesting covering topics such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, preparing regulars for civilian life (inlcuding adressing achohol abuse and ability to adjust to a slower pace of life), support available to families of both regulars and territorials and . They met with local members of the Army Training Corps, Territorial Army and Army Regulars who showed an interest in what we do at the club and had some interesting questions for us. All members managed to come away without accepting the Kings Shilling and will be back again this week!


In preperation for the next show (Targe 2013, November @ Kirriemuir) Mike T and Ross will begin to look at the clubs public participation game depicting “Operation Biting” better known as “The Bruneval Raid”. This raid was and early exapmle of Combined Operations between the British Airborne, Commandos, Air Force & Navy. The mission to capture a new type of German Radar system was a resounding sucsses and should make for an interesting game.


As per last week can members please let us know what their plans are by clicking on the voting buttons below:



Hope to see you all soon.



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