Club Night – Tuesday 30th April, 2013



The only plan at the moment is to run one of three possible board games depending on numbers (only 3 members made it along last week) as follows:


2-3 People:


We’ll run “Napoleon” by Columbia Games.

This re-creates the 100 days campaign in Belgium using blocks and road / area movement with engagements being fought over a “battle board” (see our previous after action reports for details & pics)


4 People:


We’ll run “Crown of Roses” by GMT Games.

This is a campaign system covering the political squabbles & intrigue of the Wars of the Roses. This uses a card driven initiative system for movement & actions with battles being fought off table using a simple dice & block mechanic.


5+ People:


We’ll run”Command & Colours – Ancients: Epics” by GMT Games.

This is a hex based, card driven game covering famous battles of antiquity. Most members are familiar with the system after several previous games.


If anybody else wants to put something on just let us know and we’ll let folks know.

Hope to see you all there.


2 thoughts on “Club Night – Tuesday 30th April, 2013

  1. Hi guys, I can’t make it this week due to other commitments, but should definitely make it next week – is there any spaces for Carronade leff? I was planning to go down myself, but it’s a hack of a drive and i’m reluctant to do the driving with my current leg status. If anyone is going down, I’ll happily split petrol/etc.

  2. Stuart,

    Hopefully see you next week.

    A couple of the guys will be travelling down to Falkirk so I’m sure you’ll manage to catch a lift.

    I’ll talk with folks tonight to find out what everyone’s plans are. There’ll also be a notice posted on the website about Carronafe.

    See you soon!


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