Club Night – Tuesday 29th January, 2013



Plans for this week are as follows:


Prince of Orange at Quatre Bras
Prince of Orange at Quatre Bras

Table 1: 6mm – Napoleonic

Forces: France vs Britain & Allies

Scenario: Quatre Bras – 16th June, 1815

Rule Set: Adapted from a board game by club member Mike


Flames of War - Cover

Table 2: 15mm – World War 2 – Eastern Front

Forces: Germany vs USSR

Scenario: Generic – 1000pt battle

Rule Set: Flames of War by Battle Front Miniatures


Drop us a line and let us know if you’ll be along!

All the best


4 thoughts on “Club Night – Tuesday 29th January, 2013

  1. Hi there all, Is it this Sunday we are having an all day sesh???   Michael


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