Club Night – Tuesday 22nd January, 2013


Plans for this week are as follows:

Table 1: 28mm – Pike & Shotte rules runthrough

Forces: TBC

Scenario: TBC

Rule Set: Pike & Shotte by Warlord Games

Following on from a successful trial with Alistair, Mike T, Andy and John the group decided to have another run-through to get to grips with what appear to be an easy-to-learn, fun and fast-playing set of rules!

Tuesdays Pike & Shotte game in progress.......
Tuesdays Pike & Shotte game in progress…….
A close up of Alistair's figures.....
A close up of Alistair’s figures…..


Table 2: ???
At the moment no other games are planned.

If you want to host a game on Tuesday just get in touch and we can add the details here!


All the best


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