Accessing Oldmeldrum Wargames Group Scenarios

At the club AGM it was decided to move all the club generated scenarios across to “buy me a coffee” which will allow anyone to download the scenarios for a small fee.

This is to both acknowledge the huge amount of work Ross has put into each scenario over the years and to also aid with the running costs of our club and to help us support the Royal British Legion charity that provides support to ex-servicemen in the UK (our club meets in the Royal British Legion hall in Oldmeldrum).

This also provides incentive for us to create further scenarios for Blucher (there are several in daft at the moment covering the Peninsular Campaign and also the battles of 1814, 1815 and Borodino) and Rommel (Operations Epsom, Charnwood & Goodwood along with the American half of Operation Overlord and also Operation Market Garden) – scenarios for other game systems may also be included.

Rather than remove the files completely we have taken the decision to lock access just in case our decision upsets folks and we wish to revert back to the original format of free access.

The process of linking the scenarios over will take a few days; however if any of our followers were were looking at a specific scenario we can prioritise that.

We hope you understand the decision and hopefully agree that the scenarios warrant a small commission.

Thanks again for all your support and understanding.

Best regards,

Oldmeldrum Wargames Group

4 thoughts on “Accessing Oldmeldrum Wargames Group Scenarios

  1. Hi, I am interested in the mapping, size/costs, can you let me know please. Many thanks Rgds Graham Douglas

    1. Graham,

      Thanks for getting in touch and good to hear we have some more interest in the maps. We should have details on that later this week.

      We’ll send out a post with details to our followers once ready to offer these up.

      Beat regards,

      Oldmeldrum Wargames Group

  2. Thank you Ross for your great job in these Blücher scenarios. A lot of hours having fun with them. Please keep it coming. Happy to contribute to the project.

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