After Action Report – 5th January, 2016

USAAF learn how to fly……

A “Bolt Action” scenario

Tuesday night saw a Bolt Action scenario – capture and take off the board secret documents hidden in a vehicle in the centre of the table – between USA forces and a mixed force of Germans. NB with the amount of rain we’ve had lately we elected to use the club river sections as wet roads, it only seemed right.


The German Assault troops took quick advantage of sluggish US movement and quickly closed on the prize, however at some cost as a US MMG caught them in the open…nasty!.

US troops started to envelope both wings. Their left coming up against stiff German resistance and they had to pull back with heavy losses. The US right was the opposite with the doctrine of move and fire showing itself to be quite useful! The Kriegsmarine unit were on the receiving end of this onslaught and quickly dissolved.

Whilst this was going on the captured secrets were making their way to the German edge of the board and victory. Time for the now notorious ill fated USAAF to make and appearance. However after failing to appear US heads started to drop, As with all other games we’ve had the USAAF showed themselves to be particularly adept at attacking their own troops, blue on blue style, so breaths were being held all round! The next turn however it appeared and decimated some German assault troops ( x11 hits!)…ouch!


Not to be put off the Germans started to roll up their right wing, and, confidence increasing, made swift progress to the table edge with the booty.

Noting a potential defeat in the making US troop manoeuvred quickly and put to flight the group holding the prize.

Undeterred the prize was picked up by a German officer

The scenario ran for six turns with an option for more, dependant on die roll. We ended up with one more turn before scenario end. It was a case of which coloured die came out first……

It was German and with typical flair the officer sprinted for the table edge and off to collect his medal!


A German victory and enjoyable game.


Words & pictures by Mike

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