Bolt Action Game Day – Monday 29th December, 2014


We hope you all had a Merry Xmas and have had a relaxing few days off over the festive period!

This Monday we’ll be holding a day long Bolt Action mini-campaign, hosted by Stuart (great job so far Stu – thanks!!!) with the British briefing as follows:

Operation Garioch – General scenario overview.
At 0030hrs Monday 29th December, 1944 a small force of paratroopers will be dropped to capture the bridge over the Ury Canal. The bridge is lightly defended.
Once captured the airborne element will proceed the following morning, reinforced by armoured infantry, across country to the small town of Vieuxville. Axis forces are expected in the area and the town and outlying farms will be defended. Exact strength of enemy units are not known but are believed to come from 16 Panzer and / or 9 Luftwaffe Field Dv.
Air support is unavailable due to the time and close nature of the bocage terrain around Vieuxville. However some provision has been made for artillery fire support during the day and evening of the 29th by which time your force should be attacking the town. 
Intelligence reports that the Jerries are holding something important in Vieuxville. It would be great if we could get our hands on it intact!
Tomorrows games will be three hard fought battles – an assault in the dark on a vital canal bridge, a battle across the bocage and vicious struggle for a small town and the mysterious contents of its bank vaults. Each game will be be run in sequence and the sides have been picked to give an interesting battle with a few unexpected surprises for both allied and axis players. Not everything will go according to plan!
There will be a prize for the team which wins the day!
We hope to see you along tomorrow, if not we wish you a happy new year.
All the best.

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