Club Night – Tuesday 25th February, 2014



Plans for this week as follows:


Game 1:

Alistair will begin play testing his new fast-play rules with a 28mm Napoleonic scenario.


Nothing else planned at the moment but there will be space for other games should you wish to take along something else.


Hope to see you all there.


Best regards,


One thought on “Club Night – Tuesday 25th February, 2014

  1.  Chaps, I’m going to have to give it a miss tonight – ive been in the office since 7 and not likely to get out til near 6. needless to say my head is like a pound of mince and unless we are going to discuss the finer points of enterprise risk management and its application to the asset operations management structure via the risk focal points – I’m not going to be much use for anyone. sorry about that !

    Stuart Insch


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