Club Night – Tuesday 26th November, 2013


Alistair and Stuart will be running the Battle of Barra scenario that they set up for filming last week using rules written by Neil Thomas. Folks are free to join in if they wish.

Filming went well last week. The session with the filmmakers lasted from 8.00 until nearly 1030! It was friendly and really interactive and in the end they they took four “takes” with Stuart and Alistair.

Take 1: Alistair gave some historical background to the conflict and details about the main participants.

Take 2: Stuart spoke about the battlefield and the strategic options for the commanders.

Take 3: Alistair spoke about the aftermath of the battle and the economic warfare – the harrying of Buchan.

Take 4: Stuart used the Ebob miniatures to demonstrate the armour, weapons and tactics of the period.

Nothing else planned so if you fancy putting something on let us know.

Hope to see you all this week.


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