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Club Night – Tuesday 12th March, 2013


Plans for this week are as follows:

Table 1: 28mm World War 2

Forces: British Para’s vs German Wermacht

Scenario: Normandy, June 1944

Rule Set: Bolt Action by Warlord Games

Ross & Roger will be running a small scale skirmish with space for extra players.


Table 2: Napoleon – Board Game

Forces: French vs British, Prussians and Allies

Scenario: Waterloo Campaign – 1815

Rule Set: Game published by Columbia Games

Alistair will be running a board game depicting Napoleons ill fated 1815 Campaign. Places for 2 further players available.

Tuesday 8th January – Debrief


Well we got our year off to a great start (depending on which side your were on I suppose) with 2x games being run.

Table 1:
Mike R, Roger, Andy (a newcomer we welcomed to the club this week) and Ross played a small WW2 skirmish using the Bolt Action rules by Warlord Games. An enjoyable run-through of the rules seeing the British Para’s see off the German Pz Grenadiers!

20130108-235820.jpgThese rules are fast becoming a favourite at the club for this scale – simple & quick to play – making them ideal for a club night.

Table 2:
Due to unforeseen circumstances the Pike and Shotte run-through was postponed until next week; however Mike and Alistair pulled out the quick play board game “1812 – The invasion of Canada” by Academy Games.

20130108-235808.jpgAlistair and Mike were unable to stop the American invasion and were forced to capitulate!

Details of next Tuesday to follow along with news regarding the clubs plans for this years wargames shows!

Stay tuned…..