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Battle of Magnesia, 190 BC – After Action Report

words & photos by Stuart Insch.

Ruleset used: Stuart’s own set based on “Ancient and Medieval Warfare” by Neil Thomas.


Battle Of Magnesia

We like to try to stick to a single set of rules for a few weeks at the club. This lets everyone get use to the rules and the period and get into it, before we move off into something different. With a couple of members really just kicking off their armies it helps to give them something to keep the painting going. For the rest of us it saved having to remember of this week if numbers are good, do we get saving throws and how far do things move!

With a couple of buckshee weekends I’ve been able to get back to playing Ancients. My first attempt was scuppered when I had to deal with a work emergency and nearly had to fly off that afternoon, but I’ve managed four games since which have more than made up for it.

The culmination of this was last Sunday’s refight of Magnesia.  This battle effectively spelled the end of the territorial ambitions of the successor kingdoms and brought Rome armies to the eastern Mediterranean. The Seleucid army was defeated by the Romans in a battle which saw pikemen, scythed chariots, Celts, elephants and cataphracts clash with the three lined Roman republican legion and its Latin allies.

This refight of the battle was a short notice affair because of some unexpected free time last Sunday. So armies were quickly put together and some stand ins were required. However the key elements were all present and we got kicked off with an attack on both flanks from the Seleucid.

Quite quickly the attack on the right got bogged down with the Cataphracts and Aegma becoming tangled up with the Latins. This ground on slowly for the most of the battle. Neither side gaining the upper hand until quite late in the day. Whilst the Seleucid cavalry failed to defeat their foe, they were able to tie up large numbers of the Romans which kept the Phalanx secure from attacks on its own flank.

On the left the Seleucid swept away the enemy light cavalry and infantry and that side became a swirling series of melees which drew in the Pergamene troops as well. Again neither side had the upper hand for much of the battle, but as it drew to its close it seemed the Seleucids were starting to edge ahead.

When the two central portions of the armies clashed the Seleucids pushed their elephants out just ahead of the phalanx. Faced with these creatures there was little the Romans could do but hang on and hope their multi line formation could soak up the damage. However the pike versus legion combats seem to grind away with the phalangites slowly losing an extra casualty here or there, succumbing to the effective gladius in the press of melee. And so it was with this fight. At a critical moment a phalanx battalion was lost, the Romans turned to their flank to take an Elephant which was carving up a neighbouring unit of hastati. This caused it to go berserk and it turned and crashed into the side of another beast on its right, causing its death in the smash. Suddenly this left a hole in the front line and several fresh Romans units able to exploit it.

With the flanks if not safe then at least secure the Romans would have been able to push through the centre and overlap the remaining phalanx units. No second line for the Seleucids and no reinforcement meant that after several hours of playing, the game was over.

What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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Monthly Sunday Game – Sunday 5th May, 2013


Just a quick note to say that we’re planning to run the “Bantry Bay – 1796” naval scenario again. This is in preparation of the club attending Carronade in Falkirk on the 10th May.

We will also make arrangements regarding travel and transporting the ships & terrain for the display. It looks like we’re going to have a record turnout this year with 7 members confirmed and 2 possibles.

We’d really like to get a good turnout on Sunday to make sure that everyone is familiar with the rules and scenario and get volunteers for driving, transporting and tidying up any loose ends. To this ends can everyone reply either way and let us know if you can make it along on Sunday.


Hope to see you all there.


2nd Monthly Sunday Game – 14th April, 2013


Mike Ritchie, Mike Travis and Alistair will be meeting up again this Sunday to run the clubs Bantry Bay scenario. This is a Napoleonic Naval “what if?…….” demonstration game that the club ran last year at SKELP and will be running again this May at Carronade in Falkirk.


They guys are looking for a few more participants so they can run thru the rules etc. in preparation for the coming show.

If you can make it along can you please let us know as we need a minimum of 4 players to run the game.

Hope to see you all there.


Monthly Sunday Game – April, 2013



This weekend would be out normal day for gaming; however a coupe of regular members will be unavailable.

Before we make a decision to run or cancel can you please get in touch as soon as possible with your availablity.


Can you let us know:

  1. Can make it this week? (Sunday 7th April)
  2. Can you make it next week? (Sunday 14th April)
  3. Do you want to play both weeks?
  4. What game / scenario / ruleset do you want to play / use?
  5. Are you willing to arrange a game for either week?

If you could let us know either way that would be great.


See you all soon.



Monthly Sunday Gaming – Sunday 17th March, 2013


We’ll be holding our monthly Sunday game tomorrow (17th).


This month we will have 28mm scale Napoleonic Scenario using General de Brigade (Published by Partizan Press and available thru Caliver Books).


Alistair & Mike are arranging the figures & Orders of Battle to re-fight part of Marshal Victors rear-guard action at the Battle of Berizina. This focusses on the fighting around the villiage of Studienka and the retreat of the French across the river.

If you can let us know if you can make it along so we can gauge numbers that would be great.  Usual time at the Oldmeldrum British Legion, 10am to 4pm (or thereabouts).

Hope to see you all there.


Monthly Sunday Gaming – Sunday 3rd March, 2013 – CANCELLED


Again due to most of the members having other commitments we’ve called off the usual Sunday monthly meeting.


We may arrange for the following Sunday (10th March) if we get the numbers – confirmation & details will follow.


Normal wargaming service shall resume shortly.........

Normal wargaming service shall resume shortly………


Best Regards,



Monthly Sunday Gaming – Sunday 3rd February, 2013


Time again for our Sunday gaming day.

This month we will have 1/72 scale World War 1 air combat using “Wings of War” and 28mm pirates using Games Workshops “Legends of the High Seas”. These scenarios will be run as part of the 2013 club campaigns.


If anybody fancies putting something on then just let us know.

Usual time at the Oldmeldrum British Legion, 10am to 4pm (or thereabouts).

Hope to see you all there.