Battle of Lützen (1813) – After Action Report

This months Sunday game (held on 1st April) saw the club re-fighting the Battle of Lutzen – the 1st major battle of the 1813 German Campaign. The following is a brief After Action Report – words and pictures by Ross. The battle started at 11:20am with the Prussian I Korps, under the command of Gebhard von […]

Sunday 1st April – Call to Arms!

Folks, The club will be running a game this weekend at the Oldmedrum Legion from around 9:30am on Sunday. Plan is to play the Battle of Lützen (part of the 1813 Campaign in Central Europe). This will be run using the scenario written by the club for use with the Blucher set of rules.   […]

Monthly Sunday Game – Sunday 5th May, 2013

Folks, Just a quick note to say that we’re planning to run the “Bantry Bay – 1796” naval scenario again. This is in preparation of the club attending Carronade in Falkirk on the 10th May. We will also make arrangements regarding travel and transporting the ships & terrain for the display. It looks like we’re going to have […]

Monthly Sunday Game – April, 2013

Folks,   This weekend would be out normal day for gaming; however a coupe of regular members will be unavailable. Before we make a decision to run or cancel can you please get in touch as soon as possible with your availablity.   Can you let us know: Can make it this week? (Sunday 7th […]

Monthly Sunday Gaming – Sunday 17th March, 2013

Folks, We’ll be holding our monthly Sunday game tomorrow (17th). This month we will have 28mm scale Napoleonic Scenario using General de Brigade (Published by Partizan Press and available thru Caliver Books). Alistair & Mike are arranging the figures & Orders of Battle to re-fight part of Marshal Victors rear-guard action at the Battle of […]