Congratulations & thanks for the support!

As part of our decision to move access to our Blucher scenarios and printed maps across to the “Buy me a coffee” website we set our supporters an initial £750 target, at which point we’d offer one lucky supporter a free printed map of their choice (up to 8x5ft). Well over the weekend we reached […]

Sunday 1st April – Call to Arms!

Folks, The club will be running a game this weekend at the Oldmedrum Legion from around 9:30am on Sunday. Plan is to play the Battle of Lützen (part of the 1813 Campaign in Central Europe). This will be run using the scenario written by the club for use with the Blucher set of rules.   […]

Battle of Marengo – 14th June, 1800

Later this week the club will be refighting the Battle of Marengo using the excellent Napoleonic ruleset “Blucher” by Sam Mustafa. These have been a club favourite since their release with the members putting on a well recieved “Quatre Bras”  scenario at both Kirrimuir in November 2015 & Falkirk in May 2016. Most of the club […]