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Club Night – Tuesday 9th April, 2013


Looks like most folks will be participating in the “Kingmaker” campaign this week.  We started with 4 factions last week (Alistair, Roger, Ross Mike T & Mike R) but this week will see Mike R breaking away to form his own faction – after learning the basics on Sunday he’s looking to make a name for himself on the (known) world stage!

Last week saw Henry IV, under the protection of Clifford (Mike & Mike), meet the recently crowned Richard Duke of York & the Earl of Shrewsbury (Ross) on the field at Sheffield (medieval maps were apparently a little unreliable). Shrewsbury and his Men-at-Arms surrendered to the Lancastrians and soon after Richard fled the field in disgrace!

The Yorkist forces begin their retreat from the field......

The Yorkist forces begin their retreat from the field……

Richard Duke of York clashes with Clifford on the far right flank......

Richard Duke of York clashes with Clifford on the far right flank……


No other plans for tonight but if anyone wants to put on something else then please get in touch.

Hope to see you all there.


Sunday 7th April, 2013


Just a wee heads up to say that we’ll be holding a meeting tomorrow from around 12pm to 4pm at the British Legion in Oldmeldrum.

Alistair has offered to run a Kingmaker tutorial session for those unfamiliar with the game to allow them to join in the campaign.

Hope to see you there.


Monthly Sunday Game – April, 2013



This weekend would be out normal day for gaming; however a coupe of regular members will be unavailable.

Before we make a decision to run or cancel can you please get in touch as soon as possible with your availablity.


Can you let us know:

  1. Can make it this week? (Sunday 7th April)
  2. Can you make it next week? (Sunday 14th April)
  3. Do you want to play both weeks?
  4. What game / scenario / ruleset do you want to play / use?
  5. Are you willing to arrange a game for either week?

If you could let us know either way that would be great.


See you all soon.



Club Night – Tuesday 2nd April, 2013


Plans for this week are as follows:


Table 1: 10mm Wars of the Roses

Forces: Lancaster v York

Scenario: To Be decided on the night

Rule Set: Hordes & Heroes by Kallistra

Ross, Alistair & Mike will be running a decent sized game based on forces as determined by playing a few rounds of “Kingmaker”. The hope is to use Kingmaker to run a full scale campaign with the battles being fought on the tabletop on club nights. They are hoping to recruit members to take part in the campaign – Do you wear the Red Rose of Lancaster or the White Rose of York?


Table 2: ?

Forces: ?

Scenario: ?

Rule Set: ?

Table 2 is free for anyone else to run a game if they wish.


Can you let us know if you’ll be along so we can gauge numbers.

Best Regards,