We’ve been a bit quiet on the website recently but that’s not to say the club hasn’t been busy.

March & April saw two of the club members becoming parents to what will hopefully be new recruits in the future – Congratulations to Dave, Vanessa & baby James and Tim, Fiona & baby William!

In their absence the other members have been mainly playing “The Men Who Would Be Kings” by Osprey. These are a “set of rules designed for fighting historical or Hollywood colonial battles in the mid to late 19th Century, from the Indian Mutiny to the Boxer Rebellion.”


The games have been small in scale while the members learnt he basics; however they are proving popular with the club. Below is a breif report from this weeks game:

words by Stuart Insch pics by Alistair Massey

In game one InDuna’s John and Mike fairly bowled over the British, Sailors and Boers, but not before Robert’s Gardiner gun cut swathes through the charging Zulu’s. Alistair’s Boers tried to fight as skirmishing dragoon’s but the Zulus caught them and wiped them out.

In game two we swapped sides with Capt. Curtiss and Travis de Boer taking on Chief’s Robertuleze and Alistair kwaZulu. However this turn the game went to the imperial forces. Alistair’s men swung out wide left and tried to come down on the sailors but Roberts men were slow and this time the Boer mounted infantry did their trick, firing then galloping away. The Gardiner did great work again, after a slow start and by the time Alistair’s left horn was in position the right had disintegrated. Not a single British or Boer casualty. It was time for tiffin!


Next week we will be having another game but these were probably the last of the cross table games. We will try some scenarios out instead.



Hope to see you all there!